How To Hire A Band For Your Wedding

How To Hire A Band For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a pretty poignant moment in anyone’s life, and it can be get a little stressful if handled improperly.

Whilst there are a ton of things you need to start thinking about and organising for your big day, music is an important one of them and it can have as big or as little enhancement on your day as you like.

First off, you need to think about where you would like music featured in your wedding. Will you be relying on CD’s and playlists for the ceremony and day activities and just require a band for the evening? Or are you looking for musicians to perform throughout the day as well, such as harpists, pianists and acoustic duos etc.

Once you have the music schedule sorted, you’ll need to start thinking about what style of music/musicians best suits the tone and atmosphere you are planning for your wedding. For example, you could be having a 1950’s inspired wedding and would like to seek out a jive-style rock & roll band. Or you could be planning a themed wedding and would like the music to compliment this. More decisions I’m afraid!

Lastly, you need to be aware of any noise restrictions or limiters in your venue, as this may turn all of your decisions on their head! Once you’ve obtained this information, you’re ready to get band shopping!

But how do you go about finding the perfect wedding band to hire?

Word of mouth is always the best endorsement. Perhaps relatives or friends have some suggestions or recommendations for you. You can’t get a more reliable source than someone you know experiencing it themselves!

Using search engines online to seek out wedding bands is also an option – but be cautious. Those bands that appear in the top of your searches may not necessarily be the best bands, but they would’ve gained a reputation and an online presence in order for them to become visible to you. Some of the best quality bands simply haven’t the time to market heavily online – they’re too busy playing weddings!

Your online search may lead you through to some entertainment agencies that host numerous professional function bands. If you haven’t dealt with band booking before, this may be a great option for you as you’ll have everything you need on one webpage. Entertainment agencies provide a profile for each band, whereby you can look at promo shots, listen to demo recordings and watch live videos of their performance. You can work specifically with someone from the agency to find you the best suited and competent act for your wedding.

So, you’ve seen the pics and heard the music, but how do you judge quality?

You’ll want to hire a band that are tight in rhythm, utterly competent in technique and provide some showmanship in their stage performance. Take stock of whether the band plays together regularly and the past venues they have performed at, and of course, read their testimonials and ask for references.

Once you have decided on your ideal band, you’ll want to secure your booking as soon as possible. Bear in mind that good quality wedding bands are often booked a year in advance.

If you are working through an entertainment agency, they will provide you with a contract. If you are booking a band privately, you will need to draw up your own. It’s at this point where you need to get your business head on and spell out every little detail of the terms of their hire, such as the logistics of their arrival, set up and sound check, liability and insurance details, attire, a meal for the band, provisions for overtime, payment schedule, performance schedule, breaks and of course, musical specifics, requested tracks or play lists.

Once this is all down in writing, with both parties in agreement, give yourself a big ‘hi-five’ and know that your music requirements are all sorted. You can now concentrate your efforts on planning the remainder of your special day.

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