How To Hire A Band For Your Corporate Event

How To Hire A Band For Your Corporate Event

Corporate parties or any events relating to the annual 'work do' are often the social highlight of the year for businesses, and it's a time to make that big impression!

With this in mind, you'll want to be sure you provide some top class party entertainment with live music to compliment the tone and atmosphere of the event.

Before hiring your perfect musical entertainment, first look at your venue and ascertain whether you have any noise restrictions to follow. Many venues situated in residential areas will have a sound limiter so as to not disturb the surrounding areas; if your venue has this in place be sure to ask the decibel limit (commonly around 80-100 db) as this is vital information for your musicians and may limit your music choices.

Once you know the relevant details, you can start looking for the ideal entertainment for your event. There are so many varieties and styles of live music categories to choose from – for those going for a more sophisticated feel you can opt for a string quartet, harpist or Jazz trio to welcome in your guests as they collect their champagne on arrival. For a more mellow vibe you can follow the acoustic route, with either classical guitarists or acoustic duo's that perform a range of contemporary music, giving your event a more fashionable edge.

As for the evening, well the possibilities are endless! Yes, you can hire a DJ, but your lack of effort will be recognised! Choose from a selection of themed function bands, Jazz lindy hop groups, Rock & Roll outfits and many more!

Before you sit at your computer to begin a long slog of band research, talk to friends and family – the most reliable sources of research are often recommendations of people that have experienced a band first hand. If you're out of luck in that department then make yourself a nice cup of tea and set yourself ready to trawl through a whole list of search results. Think about your location, budget and 'type' of music you are looking for when searching online. Most searches may land you on the pages of an entertainment agency, where some of the best and busiest function bands host their profiles. Here you can see promotional shots, demo recordings and videos of past performances along with testimonials from previous clients. Here you will communicate with a representative of the agency who can work with you directly to find a band suitable for your corporate entertainment.

How can you judge quality in a band? The things you need to be looking for are firstly musical competence: are the band members tight in rhythm and have a high aptitude in their instrument? Secondly, look for performance and stage personality. It's all very well having a superb virtuoso band if they perform like a wet lettuce! Lastly, look at the smaller details regarding the band: do they supply the lighting? Do they have an up to date PAT tested P.A.? Do they have an extensive repertoire? Can you request specific tracks for the band to learn or tailor the playlist to your requirements? The more information you know, the informed you can be when making a decision.

When you have made your decision, book the band as soon as you can! Function bands can be booked years in advance, so you'll want to make sure you secure your booking before someone else does.

When you hire a band for a corporate event you will have a written agreement with the terms of the event logged and signed. All entertainment agencies will provide a contract in these instances, but if you hire a self-promoting function band, be sure you request a written agreement to reduce the risk of any mishaps along the way. This agreement should detail aspects such as arrival and set-up times, meal arrangements (yes, never forget to feed your band!) payment schedule, performance set lengths, play list specifics and any insurance requirements.

Once the dotted line is signed, that's it! Everything is confirmed, an agreement signed, the band can prepare for the function and you can now concentrate your efforts on planning the rest of the corporate event!

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