Hiring A Harpist To Enhance Your Wedding

Hiring A Harpist To Enhance Your Wedding

For those looking for a Sauvé and sophisticated wedding ambience, the beautiful sounds of the harp can really enhance your special day.

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Not only do these grand instruments look amazing, but they also produce that beautifully elegant and unique sound to compliment the style and romance of your wedding activities; whether that is walking down the aisle, whilst guests enjoy refreshments or during the wedding breakfast.

The harp has a magical power to produce calm, relaxation and beauty – the perfect combination for a wedding ceremony, flushing away all those nerves and setting the tone and ambience for your own magical moment.

You may think a harp may only be suited for indoor use, but you can enjoy these gentle sounds outside as well as inside. Imagine the harp playing across a lawn on a beautiful summer's day, whilst guests tuck in to appetizers and champagne; your day will ooze style, elegance and romance. There are however some practical elements to take into consideration if you want your music outside – your harpist will need a firm and flat surface, like a terrace or patio, and a covered or shaded area in order to protect the instrument. Unfortunately, if the weather is wet or damp it will be unlikely that the harp will make its way outside.

For those smaller venues, a full size concert harp may be too big, but there are plenty of other options such as smaller Celtic harps, Bohemian Troubadour harps and some even have electric harps that are worn on the body on a harness!

With regards to musical selection, many harpists cover a wide range of genres, not just classical repertoires. Much the same as other musical groups (acoustic guitars or bands) a harpist can adapt well known songs suitable for the harp so if you are not overly keen on the classical side of things you can still enjoy your favourite tracks, just in a slightly more unique way! Harpists will have an extensive repertoire allowing you to tailor the service to your requirements by picking your playlist and requesting certain songs. You may even be able to ask the musician to learn a particular song, but bear in mind to give enough notice for them to be able to learn and rehearse.

Most professional harpists advertise through an entertainment agency, whereby you can see their full profile with promo pictures, demo recordings, videos and price lists. Alternatively finding a harpist near you couldn't be simpler in this digital age – just head over to Google and search away!

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