Bringing Live Music Into A Lavish Corporate Function

Bringing Live Music Into A Lavish Corporate Function

Corporate functions are hugely important to a business and acts to not only promote your company, services, products and brand. But also helps boost morale to the work force and essentially rewards them for all their hard work.

However, with a corporate function, comes a lot of organisation and planning, and the corporate entertainment should be at the top of your list as this is the part of the event that people will most likely remember and enjoy the most. So, what's there to think about?

Your Venue:

Your choice of venue determines your entertainment options: if the venue has a noise limiter then you'll be hard pushed to have a loud and energetic live band for your event, instead having to opt for something a little more quiet, such as a jazz trio, a string quart or quiet disco. Other things to bear in mind is the space available in the function room – is there ample space for a band to set up? Is there enough power source? If you're looking to book a 13 piece soul band but only have a medium-sized venue, you may have to rethink your choices!

Your Audience:

No doubt you will have a varied age range attending your function, but the type of entertainment you choose will appeal to the majority – so look at your guests and put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what you think they'd enjoy. If it's a strictly adult-only function, a One Direction tribute band may rapidly decrease your popularity! However, if you're providing a fun day where children are present, then something along this line would work great. There is a huge choice of bands for hire that perform various styles/genres, from rat pack to motown, from soul to blues, from rock to pop and to those bands that perform an extensive range of styles in one set.

Your Budget:

Knowing how much to have to spend on your entertainment will help you define what bands you can hire for your event. Booking a band through an entertainment agency like this one can help you refine your search for the ideal corporate party band, where someone will work directly with you to find the band that's best suited to your event, tailoring the band budget to your requirements. Professional function bands are not cheap: you may think you're paying them to simply perform a 2 hour slot, when in reality the band would've spent the previous night PAT testing their equipment, then have to travel 2 hours to get to your venue, spend up to 2 hours setting up and sound checking, countless rehearsal and studio time to get as good as they are, perform their set, pack down and travel home and unload. It's pretty much a 12 hour day for these musicians, so don't be surprised when a 6 piece band charge over £1000 for their service.

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