Live Entertainment Ideas For Your XMAS Party!

Live Entertainment Ideas For Your XMAS Party!

Christmas is looming and fast approaches one of the highlights of the year – your work Christmas party!

But wait, what about the entertainment? The choice for live music is astounding and perhaps a little overwhelming, so here are some ideas to help you out!

Classic function Band

The wonderful thing about professional function bands is that their set lists are so extensive that you'll guarantee to satisfy your entire audience at some point during the performance. These guys are experienced on making your party a complete success and will encourage everyone on to the dance floor for a boogie with their energetic high octane showmanship, and have even the shiest of workers singing along in amusement. Most function bands have a huge repertoire so you may have the chance to tailor the songs they perform on the night to appeal better to your audience. It's like a live jukebox!

Folk rock Band

The whole 'Mumford and Sons' style of performance is massively popular at the moment, and there are tonnes of party bands that don the same style of performance and adapt it to some classic track favourites with the use of acoustic guitars, double bass and brushes on drums. It's still energetic and a completely enthralling experience and musician ship at its best.

Rat Pack and Swing Bands

If your Christmas do is cantered around elegance and sophistication, you'll do well to opt for a classic Rat Pack group or a live Swing Band for hire to compliment your desired atmosphere. Not only do you get the 'WOW' factor with these styles of live music with their live brass sections and versatile singers, but your guests will be thoroughly entertained both visually and musically and no doubt watch and enjoy with awe and appreciation.

Jazz Band

This is perhaps not the first choice for many, but Jazz is actually a fantastic left-field choice for live Christmas music and helps turn that old familiar festive radio fodder you hear day in day out around the Christmas period into an enthralling and refined set of intricate music that will simply warm everybody's festive spirit quicker than you can say 'snowball'!

Carol Singers

Maybe you have enough in your budget to provide more than one live entertainment group, and for welcoming in your guests or whilst enjoying your Christmas nom noms what could be better than listening to a fabulous group of carol singers blasting out your all-time Christmas favourites. This is one to really bring about the festive spirit and get the wine-a-flowing!

A Christmas Band

Yes, they do actually exist! An entire band, dressed to the nines in Christmassy silliness and a repertoire consisting of only Christmassy tracks – good and bad! It's the ultimate choice for a Christmas party entertainment, but be sure it's the right choice for your work do – some people may just get a Christmas overload!

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